The Vine Inn Barossa Community Hotel has helped raised $3722.45 in donations for South Australian farmers after their month long participation in “Parma for a Farmer” campaign. The fundraiser accumulated $2563 in money directly from purchased parmas from the Vine Inn. For every parmigiana or schnitzel sold in the month of August, $1 was donated to farmers in need. Along with buying parmas, people put in cash donations, which is sitting at $1159.45. Altogether, over $3500 will be donated to the CWA SA and 100%  of the funds raised will go back to struggling SA Farmers.

Mr Chris Linden, CEO of the Vine Inn said “that is a lot of schnitzels, 2563. Slightly above average for the month, we tend to be closer to the 1900-2000. It looks like people took it on board. I think it was an excellent campaign for the farmers. The participation rate was huge and a lot of people gave in different ways. We thought instead of pushing people to come in over one week, we would do it on every schnitzel and spread it over the month to give more people the chance to participate.”

The Vine Inn decide to donate to the CWA SA, since the Country Women’s Association are more aware of where the money needs to go to help the SA farmers battling through this dry Winter. Chris said “We can’t wish the farmers anything but luck and all the best, and tell everyone to pray for rain.”


*story Courtesy of the Leader Newspaper