We are proud to have been awarded the AHA|SA 2019 Award for Best Community Service & Support

As a regional property, participation in Community life is imperative, not only for the wellbeing of our local residents but also for the survival of the hotel. As a group, the Board, Management and our team are significantly involved in extensive voluntary & sporting participation in our region. Team Members are given the opportunity to be involved through flexible rostering practices, ensuring a sensible work life balance. Examples of this include, but are not limited to:

The Vine Inn donated $100,120.45 in cash to a myriad of local causes from July 1, 2018 up to May 12th, 2019. Additionally, we were able to enhance the allocation of in-kind donations through free function room usage, additional raffles and prize vouchers, and increased free accommodation. This grew our overall contribution to our community up to a total of $181,260.45