Vine Inn Barossa is excited to have won Best Draught Beer – SA Country at the AHA|SA 2018 awards on July 24, 2018.

We’re happy to be “beer proud” so all staff are trained to pour to a set standard. We insist that there is as much head inside the glass as out to ensure the best presentation and gas retention down to the last drop. Evidence of this correct technique can be seen by the marbling on the inside of every finished glass.

Only Headmaster glasses are used and while every glass is properly chilled to 3 degrees, customers are still able to witness the true colour and sparkle of our products. A recent random Draught Quality Review was conducted by Rob Higgins of Lion Brewing and he found that the perfect pour technique was used, that the presentation in glass was excellent, that the sample of West End draught taste was true to type and that the temperature was 2 degrees at first pour.

So come in an enjoy the Best Draught Beer in SA Country!